Amway Internship Programme

As a well-developed direct selling company operation in Hong Kong, Amway cares about the future of our next generation and is devoted to nurture their growth and development. Since 2007, the "Amway Internship Programme" has been launched with an aim to give university students the opportunity to learn more about working conditions before joining the Hong Kong society.

Interns were attached to various Amway functional departments including Marketing, Communications, Distribution and Information Services. Selected interns will go through a comprehensive and tailor-made programme to help them gain a better understanding of Amway and the functions of various departments within a corporation. In addition, interns were offered practical work experience as well as an opportunity to enrich their vision and get prepared for their future working life.

Love Difference
Happy Angels
Smiley Children

Amway Love Difference

Dyslexia is the most common type of specific learning difficulties in Hong Kong. Amway Hong Kong first collaborated with the Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong in 2008 on "Amway Smiley Children", "Amway Happy Angels" and Amway "Show Our Talent" initiatives. In 2013, Amway continued to work with the organization on Amway "Love Difference" Project in order to help children and parents who participated in the programme to overcome difficulties encountered through dyslexia.The project had successfully concluded with the "Happy Ambassador" volunteer team in 2015. With the mission to help people live better lives, Amway will continue to help those who are in need.

Amway Happy Angels

Amway is delighted to collaborate with the Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong to support the continuation programme - Amway "Happy Angels" Children Mental Health Nurturing Project in 2010 and 2011. With an aim to increase public awareness on children mental health and development, the project successfully serviced children aged 8 to 11 suffering from psychological and emotional disturbances with cognitive thinking parallel groups as well as positive and optimistic experience sharing from the Happy Angels Ambassadors. The programme promoted positive thinking among the community and generated 1,288 volunteer hours with 1,528 people benefited.

Amway Smiley Children

Amway Hong Kong has collaborated with the Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong to sponsor the Amway Smiley Children - Mental Health Enhancement Project in 2008 to 2010. The Programme aimed to tackle stress and pressure of youngsters in Tai Po and the North District, thus improving the well-being of society.

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Green & Organic Health Run

There was an overwhelming response to 2016’s Health Run, held on November 20, 2016 at the Hong Kong Science Park, with close to 3,000 participants enjoying the day. The Health Run is much more than just another running competition, with the carnival atmosphere giving everyone something to enjoy. There were stage performances and game booths, all helping to let people know more about the importance of organic living.

Amway Organic Farming
Carbon Minus Programme

Amway Organic Farming at Primary Schools in 18 Districts

Organic farming helps to maintain ecological balance and preserve biodiversity. To further enhance students and their parents' participation in environment conservation, Amway Hong Kong is delighted to collaborate with the Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre to launch "Amway Organic Farming at Primary Schools in 18 Districts", aims to set up organic farming corners at schools, to promote the importance of organic farming among schools, parents and the local community, and to encourage them to support organic farming and low carbon living.

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Carbon Minus Programme

To raise public awareness of the importance of leading a low-carbon lifestyle, Amway Hong Kong fully supported the "Carbon Minus Programme" organized by the Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre and called on Distributors and Privileged Customers to work hand in hand with Amway to help create a greener world.

The "Carbon Minus Programme" was launched in 2009 and 2010. More than 1,200 participants pledged to become "Carbon Minus Family Ambassador" and more than 10,000 family-time entered "Electricity Saving Competition" to help promote low carbon lifestyle and to fight against global warming.

Amway District Community Service Programme

Amway cares about our community and is devoted to help the disadvantaged to live better lives. In 2010, the District Community Service Programme is launched and Amway Health and Beauty Ambassadors are invited to offer voluntary community service to one district in Hong Kong each month - with an aim to offer care and love to the deprived while utilizing their health and beauty knowledge.

Amway Hong Kong Named “Caring Company” for 12th Consecutive Year

Amway Hong Kong is proud to have been awarded the “10 Years Plus Caring Company Logo” by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in recognition of its commitment to sustainability and sound corporate citizenship.

Over the years, Amway Hong Kong has joined hands with various non-governmental organizations to run a number of different community activities. This is the 12th consecutive year since 2005 that Amway Hong Kong has been granted Caring Company status and met the scheme’s criteria in terms of caring for the community, caring for its employees and being responsible towards the environment.

Amway Sponsored Activities

  1. Amway Hong Kong and Amway China sponsored The Amway China Education Aid Programme 2005-2007 which aims to improve the education of children by recruiting and training university students to work as volunteer teachers in remote and poor areas in China.
  2. As a Corporate Member of the Hong Kong Arts Centre from 2000-2004, Amway showed its commitment to the development of contemporary arts.
  3. The "National Treasures Gems of China's Cultural Relics" exhibition held in 1997 was solely sponsored by Amway Hong Kong.
  4. In 1994 Amway sponsored "Tales of the Walled City", the musical that opened the 15th Asian Arts Festival.
  5. Amway solely sponsored the "Hong Kong Gymnaestrada" in 1994 to help local citizens experience the fun and exhilaration of gymnastics.
  6. The "Golden Phoenix" was placed on the wall of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre in 1993 thanks to Amway's sponsorship.
  7. Amway Hong Kong was the sole worldwide sponsor for a series of concerts by the renowned Cleveland Orchestra in 1990.
  8. In 1989, Amway lent its support to "Icewalk" - "the International North Pole Expedition" in a bid to support environmental protection. Amway Hong Kong sponsored two students from Hong Kong and China to take part in the event.
  9. Amway Hong Kong sponsored the "Peace and Harmony" children's painting competition organised by Caritas in 1986. The winning painting was made into a large ceramic tile mural and donated to Ocean Park to go on permanent display.