Amway Hong Kong

Founded in 1974, Amway Hong Kong is the pioneer market established in the Far East by Amway. Amway is also the first company to successfully introduce the concept of direct selling to Hong Kong. Like most Amway success stories, the Hong Kong operation had a modest beginning, with a staff of just four people. Today, Amway employs around 140 people with over 120,000 Distributors and Privileged Customers. Amway Hong Kong has grown rapidly over the past years and established a significant role in the local direct selling industry.

Pioneer in Direct Selling

As the industry leader, Amway successfully builds up the corporate image by providing comprehensive business plan and high-quality products. In order to raise the professional image of direct selling business and the awareness of industry ethics, Amway advocated the establishment of the Direct Selling Association of Hong Kong. The Direct Selling Association of Hong Kong was established in 1979. As one of the founding members, Amway dedicates to maintain a high standard of business ethics. Several General Managers of Amway Hong Kong have served as Presidents of the Association. Through different events such as seminars, symposiums and exhibitions, it promotes the local direct selling industry and raises the professional image of the industry.

Recognition of Corporate Image

Amway believes that the prestige of a corporation is built over time. The company has successfully built its reputation and gained the trust of the Hong Kong people by providing excellent products and services for the past years. According to a June 2009 survey by Synovate, conducted among Hong Kong people aged 15 to 64 who have no Amway connections, Amway is the most well-known and most reputable direct selling company.