Helping People Live a Greener Life!

While having the right to enjoy the gifts of nature, we should also take the responsibility to protect the nature. Since Amway's inception 50 years ago, environmental protection has been set to top the agenda for corporate citizenship. Over the years, Amway has endeavoured to formulate environmentally friendly products and its unwavering support for green education has aroused public interests in green lifestyle.

Amway believes that, with a green heart, everyone can lead a colourful and quality life!

Planting the Green Seed

Amway believes that protecting the environment and building a sustainable community are the responsibilities of a corporate citizen. As early as 50 years ago, before the world woke up to the fact that our environment is in need of protection, Amway had started to think green. Its green efforts were recognized by a number of prestigious awards beginning in the 1980s.

Launched in 1959, Amway's first product, Liquid Organic Cleaner (L.O.C.), was formulated with biodegradable surfactants to minimize water pollution.

Amway removed chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which may cause ozone damage, from its aerosols in 1978 when most aerosol products still used CFCs as propellant.

Amway had stopped animal testing before the European Union imposed a ban on animal testing for cosmetic products.

International Awards
1989 United Nations Environmental Programme Achievement Award
1991 Recipient of the Conservation Achievement Award for Corporate Leadership from the National Wildlife Federation1
1992 UNESCO Transpolar Medal2
1992 Michigan Recycling Coalition Recycler of the Year
1993 Global Earth Alliance Award from the Earth Alliance Organization
1997 Recipient of Green Globe Award from the Rainforest Alliance3
2004 Outstanding Environmental Protection Award
2006 - 2010 ISO14001:2004
Awards in Hong Kong
2009 - 2011 Silver Award in the Sectoral Awards (Retails), Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence
2011 Indoor Air Quality Certificate - Good Class
2010 - 2013 Wastewi$e Label, Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence
2011 - 2013 Energywi$e Label, Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence
2012 Certificate of Merit in the Sectoral Awards (Retails), Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence
2012 Green Management Award (Corporate) –Honourable Mention
2013 Green Management Award (Corporate) – Bronze

Green Production

Amway's environmental concern is reflected in its product formula and packaging, which is based on better use of resources.

Most of Amway's household products are concentrated, which means they last longer and result in less packaging waste and at the same time saving storage space. With the practice of regionalized production and sales, fuel consumed in transportation can also be saved as well as emitting less carbon dioxide.

Amway Home products use 100% recycling packaging whenever possible. Most of our product packaging also contains at least 25% recycled materials. eSpring™ has been received the Environmental Stewardship Award from The Society of Plastics Engineers for its sustainable design and production.

Achieving the Green Balance

Amway's health supplement brand, Nutrilite™, operates its own organic farms to grow plants for use in its food supplement products. Nutrilite™ is the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest and process plants on their own certified organic farms*. Amway believes that achieving ecological balance by preserving the natural environment and adhering to organic farming practices are essential for healthy plant growth. In this way, Nutrilite™ can ensure that the supplements contain only high quality ingredients.

Nutrilite™ owns its organic farming operations in California, Washington State, Mexico and Brazil. The Brazil farm has now become one of the world's largest organic acerola cherry farms. In addition to adopting organic farming practices, Nutrilite™ shows its care for the community as a way to promote harmony between human beings.

Natural Farming

No synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are used. Alternatively, compost is used to replace chemical fertilizers and beneficial insects are used to control pests.


By crop rotation, Nutrilite™ grows a diversity of plants to maintain soil health. Nutrilite™ also strives to preserve the natural environment to provide a habitat for animals.

Sustainable Community

Nutrilite™ contributes to build a sustainable farming system by providing education for farmers. Nutrilite™ believes that the true meaning of an organic life is to promote a healthy social environment. In Brazil, Nutrilite™ has supported the school construction near the farm area and has organised organic and music activities and a football team to serve the community. To promote healthy food farming, Amway has initiated the Permaculture Campaign at the school area. Youngsters are exposed to ecological knowledge through education programmes on arts, biological construction and sustainable system.

* According to source Euromonitor International Limited, based on a 2016 review of global Vitamin and Dietary supplement manufacturer; their ownership of the entire production process, from farm to manufacturing, in addition to organic certification of products, Nutrilite™ is the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest, and process plants on their own certified organic farms. Euromonitor does not accept or assume responsibility to any third party in respect to this claim. For detailed definition, visit
Amway Hong Kong
Amway China

Carbon Neutral – Mediterranean Cruise

Mediterranean Cruise 2014 was organized to recognize the distributors’ hard work and achievements as well as celebrate Amway Hong Kong 40th Anniversary. Since green living and environmental sustainable development have been set to top the agenda in Amway, in this trip, distributors and their families responded to Amway’s appeal to purchase “Carbon Credit” to protect the environment. Amway Hong Kong supported this carbon offset project by matching the same amount of carbon credit purchased by distributors. This cruise trip has been confirmed as a “Carbon neutral – Mediterranean Cruise”.

Carbon neutrality refers to using carbon offsets to reduce carbon emissions. Carbon offsets help to balance out an individual’s own contribution to global warming by funding greenhouse gas reduction projects. Carbon offsets, can balance out 100% of those emissions which cannot be eliminated through conservation. Thanks to all distributors who purchased carbon credit, their contributions will go into the Yunnan Mangli Hydropower Project, China. Local residents who are living in the rural area and suffering from unstable electricity supply can benefit from this matching program. Using hydropower can reduce GHG emissions, as well as other pollutants resulting from local coal-based power plants and alleviates local supply shortfalls of electricity.

Benefits from the project:

*Reduces GHG emissions, as well as other pollutants resulting from local coal-based power plants

*Alleviates local supply shortfalls of electricity

*Creates approximately 1,000 employment opportunities, including permanent positions, during project operation and construction.

*Builds a 3km road and two telecommunication stations

click here acknowledgement for Distributors who support this project.

Amway Organic Farming at Primary Schools in 18 Districts

Organic farming helps to maintain ecological balance and preserve biodiversity. To further enhance students and their parents' participation in environment conservation, Amway Hong Kong is delighted to collaborate with the Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre to launch "Amway Organic Farming at Primary Schools in 18 Districts", aims to set up organic farming corners at schools, to promote the importance of organic farming among schools, parents and the local community, and to encourage them to support organic farming and low carbon living.

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Creating Organic Experiences

Amway operates four certified organic farms to produce the best ingredients for its health supplements. Through engagement in various green projects, Amway Hong Kong has passed on the organic messages to different community groups.

Organic Farming Internship Programme

Since 2007, Amway Hong Kong has been organizing the Amway Organic Farming Internship Programme to award internships each year to local university students. The programme provides students the opportunity to gain practical knowledge about organic farming practices overseas and explore the constructive impact of organic farming to a community and bring the wisdom of organic farming to Hong Kong.

Media Trip to Brazil

Amway's passion for organic farming has attracted local media attention. In October 2008, a group of media delegates visited Amway's organic farm in Brazil. Members of the trip were impressed by Amway's commitment to organic farming and social care in the neighbourhood.

Support Local Organic Farming

Amway has supported organic farming in Hong Kong by sponsoring the "Best Certified Organic Farm Competition" and "Organic Day 2008 & 2009" organised by the Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre. The competition serves as a recognition to local farmers who comply with organic farming practices while the "Organic Day" is one of the largest organic education events in Hong Kong.

Health Ambassador Programme

The Amway Nutrilite™ Health Ambassador Programme is launched every year to educate participants the basic concepts of organic living. Participants experience green living by visiting an organic farm in Hong Kong.

Health Run for Families

Health is an essential part of a green life. Since 2005, Amway has sponsored the Health Run organised by the Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre. The event provides an opportunity for families to participate in sport while having fun at the Green Carnival held in conjunction with the Health Run.

Organic Infomercials

To educate the public for a better understanding of organic farming, Amway produced a series of animated infomercials to illustrate organic concepts. The infomercials were aired on television and won the Award of Excellence in the TVB Most Popular TV Commercial Awards 2008.

Green Pledge

The Amway Green Pledge represents the commitment of Distributors and Privileged Customers to complying with the 10 basic steps to protect the environment such as "bring your own bag", opt for reusable plastic box for home delivery service, consume less paper and use biodegradable cleaners.

Carbon Minus Programme

To raise public awareness of the importance of leading a low-carbon lifestyle, Amway Hong Kong fully supported the "Carbon Minus Programme" organized by the Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre and called on Distributors and Privileged Customers to work hand in hand with Amway to help create a greener world.

The "Carbon Minus Programme" was launched in 2009 and 2010. More than 1,200 participants pledged to become "Carbon Minus Family Ambassador" and more than 10,000 family-time entered "Electricity Saving Competition" to help promote low carbon lifestyle and to fight against global warming.

Expanding our Green Footprints

Exploitation of the two poles has led to pollution problems. To preserve the environment of the precious land, Amway has laid green footprints on the world's three poles — South and North Poles, and Mount Everest.

Polar Expedition

As the weather conditions at the poles serve as an indicator of global warming, studies on the climate changes at the poles play a significant role.

Since 2002, Amway China has sponsored the Chinese Polar Expedition by providing biodegradable and phosphate-free homecare and personal care products.

Save the Third Pole Campaign

From 2004 to 2007, Amway China had been given its full support to the "Save the Third Pole — Protect Mount Everest Campaign", which aims to clean up accumulated debris on the world's highest mountain. Amway helped organise 20 volunteers to form climbing teams, arousing global awareness about the environmental problems faced at Mount Everest due to the ever-growing number of climbers leaving their waste behind.

Amway Woods Campaign

Desertification is becoming an increasingly prominent issue in China. To help protect the homeland's natural beauty, Amway kicked off the Amway Woods Campaign.

From 2002 to 2005, Amway China had been planting one million trees in 30 provinces, fulfilling our commitment "Wherever there is Amway, there is Amway Wood".

Beibuwan Ecology Youth Operation

Mangroves in Beibuwan, which have been protecting the coastline, are disappearing at an alarming speed. To help preserving the ecology of the Beibuwan coastal region, Amway China and several organisations in China brought together more than 400 local and foreign volunteers from China and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries to plant over 3,000 mangrove saplings to symbolise the "green dream".

Joining Carbon Reduction Forces

Carbon dioxide is the major greenhouse gas that leads to global warming. As electricity consumption accounts for a high percentage of carbon emissions, Amway Hong Kong has joined forces with Distributors and Privileged Customers to achieve a greener life and combat carbon emissions by energy saving.

Drink Pure Water

The growing concern over drinking water quality has created the need for a cost-effective solution for water treatment. Amway eSpring™ Water Purifier is developed to provide an effective and energy saving approach to treat drinking water at home. It features an UV lamp which is effective in destroying 99.99% of waterborne viruses and bacteria and an activated carbon filter that captures over 160 contaminants and heavy metal.

  1. Provides ready-to-drink water without boiling and helps reduce carbon emission by 77%.
  2. Filter capacity up to 5,000 litres and replacement is required only once a year.
  3. Brings both environmental and economic advantages by reduce consuming plastic bottle drinks.

Breathe Better Air

Indoor air quality is important to your health. Without effective indoor ventilation, the air will be filled with contaminants, bacteria and viruses. Amway Atmosphere™ Air Purifier eliminates over 94 types of airborne contaminants as small as 0.009 microns with a removal efficiency of up to 99.99%.

  1. Generates only 27 decibels of sound operating at speed 1 with Whisper-Quiet Efficiency.
  2. Proven to be highly energy efficient by earning the US government’s Energy Star® label.

Enjoy Healthy Food

Green cooking starts with a set of cookware that enables effective heat conduction and energy saving. Made with 18:8 stainless steel, Amway QUEEN™ Cookware promotes fast heat distribution that allows low heat and stack cooking.

  1. 18:8 stainless steel and multi-ply construction promote fast heat distribution, helping to maintain a constant temperature even on a low heat and lock in all the food nutrients.
  2. Effective heat distribution allows cooking of several dishes on one burner, saving time and energy.

Building a Green Home with Healthy and Safe Environment

  1. Most of the Amway Home™ products are approved by EPA and received Safer Choice label. Biodegradable ingredients are safe to use and environmental friendly.
  2. All Amway Home™ SA8™ products work well in cold water. Using cold water to rinse or employing low-temperature washing mode will save more energy while washing.