Achievement & Awards

Alticor, parent company of Amway, launched the One by One Campaign for Children since 2003 which aimed at improving the well being of children around the world. Its effort and dedication have been widely recognized.

Citizenship Award

2012 - Recipient of Governor's Service Award for Corporate Community Leadership from Michigan Community Service Commission
2011 - Recipient of the "Best Corporate Social Responsibility" Blog from PR News
2010 - Recipient of Children's Champion Award 2010 from St. John's Home for Children
2010 - Recipient of Helping Hands Award 2010 from Ronald McDonald House of Western Michigan
2005 - Recipient of the Corporate Citizenship Award in the category of International Community Service from the United States Chamber of Commerce Center for Corporate Citizenship
2005 - The One by One Campaign was recognized as the Best Corporate Social Responsibility Programme in the International Business Awards


Amway currently holds nearly 1,200 domestic and international patents and approximately 500 patents pending

Awards for Quality

2004 - eSpring™ Water Purifier is listed with the NSF international
1997 - Recipient of the National Performance Review Award presented by U.S. Vice President Mr. Al Gore
1997 - Recipient of the Gold Triangle Award from the American Academy of Dermatology
1996 - Recipient of the Outstanding Human Performance Intervention Award from the Triad International Society for Performance Improvement
1994 - Recipient of the International Unique & Useful Plastic Consumer Product Award from the Society of Plastics Engineers

Environmental Awards

2011 - OHSAS 18001
2006 - 2011 ISO 14001:2004
2008 - Legacy of Clean™ is awarded certification from the US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Design for the Environment (DfE)program
1997 - Recipient of the Green World Award from the Rainforest Alliance
1993 - Recipient of the Global Earth Alliance Award from the Earth Alliance Organization
1992 - Recipient of the Transpolar Medal from the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
1992 - Michigan Recycling Coalition Recycler of the Year
1992 - Recipient of the Honor Roll Company Award from the United States National Environmental Development Association
1991 - Recipient of the Conservation Achievement Award for Corporate Leadership from the National Wildlife Federation.
1989 - Recipient of the United Nations Environmental Programme Achievement Award.